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The League Of Gentlemen - The Collection Download

The League Of Gentlemen - The Collection Download
The Collection
The League Of Gentlemen
Radioplay, Comedy
ISBN 0-563-49575-8
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BBC Radio Collection


1It's Not Too Bad, Love2:09
2Excuse Me, Is This The Charity Shop?1:54
3Oh, Mr Scarecrow2:43
4Aunty Val? Hello, Benjamin2:36
5Introductory Music0:33
6Ah, Mr...Er, Bamford1:53
7Spent. This Is Spent. All Change2:15
8Oh, Bills, Bills, Bill!1:55
9It's Quite A Tricky Matter2:13
10She Is A Pretty, Isn't She...1:20
11What Can I Do For You ...1:21
12Excuse Me, Love, Would You Like...1:01
13Four Young Men Who Got Together To Produce...3:10
14Right, Settle Down1:12
15Ee, Now I've Got Time On My...1:02
16It's Quite Romantic Down...3:58
17I Think, Jeremy, Possibly On His Own, Had Discovered...3:03
18You See We Have A Very...2:47
19Right, Settle Down1:14
20You Can't Do That, Geoff0:55
21Oh, I'm Sorry I Had To Come...1:56
22'In The Bleak Mid-Winter...'2:18
23Stinks Like A Kakky Nappy...1:12
24And What About Tubbs? Where Did The Local Shop...3:51
25Introductory Music0:36
26It's All Right, Mike0:42
27Pavel, Take That!1:09
28Congratulations, Mike1:46
29We Expanded By Seventeen...1:05
30Someone, Let Me Out!1:18
31 On The Town With The League Of Gentlemen
32Excuse Me, How Much Is This?1:57
33Goodbye, Chloe Dear3:02
34It's 2 PM On Christmas Eve1:09
35Ok, Do We Have A Pam Duve...2:26
36This Is Spent 47261:08
37 In Conversation With... The League Of Gentlemen - 7 March 2002
38The Route For This Year's0:48
39He's Gone!1:17
40 Episode 5: A Kind Of Loving
41You Look Nervous, Samuel2:30
42So, Kinder, Here We Are1:31
43Wake Up, Benjamin2:55
44So, You've Got A Big Do On?1:24
45Hello. Who Is It?1:32
46Right, So While You Were Attaching Fishes To Poles2:49
47And They Won't Know About...2:44
48 -
49Mm, Very Interesting, Mr Bond1:43
50Is That Someone?1:40
51You Have Been Listening To...1:02
52Now, Benjamin, The Girls Are...0:35
53Just Tell Him... Hello?1:33
54So, Caring, Considerate...2:18
55Barbara? Well, This'll Do1:56
56Ah, Thank God!1:12
57Do You Need Any Ice Creams?1:05
58And So The Doctor Says3:58
59Please, Uncle Harvey1:20
60And Then The Policeman Says...1:46
61Yes, Pal, Can I Help You?2:26
62Where To, Pal?1:28
63Okey-Cokey, Pig-In-A-Pokey!2:02
64Is He All Right, Dr Chinnery?1:31
65Come On Brian, Get A Move On1:15
66You're Keeping Tony Waiting3:13
67Right, Can I Have Your Attention?1:51
68There You Go, Barbara2:14
69Oh, Come On, Ray1:46
70Val! You're Not Listening, Val3:25
71And So Where Did...2:55
72Well, That's Almost Everything1:23
73It's 4.30 PM1:02
74It's Like I've Always Said0:40
75Good Morning, Dr Chinnery0:20
76Oh, Lot Of Post This Morning1:00
77We Keep David Upstairs0:52
78Now This, I Think This Is Almost The Most Extraordinary...3:01
79Temperature's A Little High2:18
80We've Got Some Good Stuff...1:55
81Ok. Guten Morgen, Kinder1:03
82Hello, Mrs Leverton1:17
83Hello, David. Hi, Geoff2:30
84Val! Am I Do To All The Chores?1:04
85Ok, Barbara, This Is It0:49
86Turn The Light Out, Reg1:52
87Okey-Cokey, Pig-In-A-Pokey!2:12
88Oh, She's Taken It Bad1:47
89I've Got A Frog For Mr Denton3:24
90Well, We'd Rehearse In Each Other's Front Rooms...3:09
91Okey-Cokey, Pig-In-A-Pokey!3:26
92Settle Down, Children2:35
93So, All Set For The Off?2:37
94You Have Been Listening To...0:32
95Right, Can I Have Your Attention2:13
96Now, Pray Silence For The Best...2:49
97I'm Waiting For Silence2:36
98Bright Eyes, Burning Like Fire5:45
99We Must Stop Meeting Like This0:31
100Miss! Miss Plummer!0:34
101 The League Of Gentlemen - Precious Things From The BBC TV Series
102Hurry Up, Stella3:16
103Ok, Kinder, Now I Need...1:38
104Oh, Hello Dr Chinnery1:23
105I'm Going To See That Woman's Family1:14
106You Have Been Listening To...1:25
107They've Offered Me A...2:15
108Everything Alright, Mickey...2:29
109Keep It Coming, Charlie1:14
110Let Me Out!1:27
111Oh, That Poor Panda!1:10
112Oh, There You Are, Mrs Levington1:36
113Bloody Hell, I've Seen...2:08
114Barbara! Barbara!1:22
115Pauline, What Are You Doing?1:48
116Hello? Who Is It?1:29
117It's Just Coming Up To Mid-Day0:29
118No, Honestly, Simone, She'll Be...2:07
119Its A Quarter To Two0:49
120Steve, I Know You Did Used To Dress Up...3:20
121Penny For The Guy, Mister2:50
122It's 2AM2:27
123When Are You In Next, Dear?2:30
124Um, Hello. Afternoon, Sir.1:47
125I'll Get The Bags Down Here...2:35
126 Episode 6: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
127Ah, Miss Plummer3:20
128Ah, Justin. Everything In...0:50
129Oh, Bills, Bills, Bills! Visa, Platinum, Amex...2:41
130I'm Not Sure This Is Such A...2:31
131Settle Down Children!3:15
132I Couldn't Possibly...1:39
133 Episode 1: A Guest At The Dentons
134But Then We've Got To Look...0:57
135Oh, For Pity's Sake1:14
136Ah, Mr Ingleby1:26
137 Episode 4: Gunpowder, Treason And Plot
138Oh, What A Funny Old Day0:42
139Bloody Hell, My Darling1:01
140Thank You Very Much3:01
141 Episode 3: Go To Joan Glover
142This Sky's So Beautiful2:10
143 Episode 2: Death By Mau Mau
144What Are You Doing?0:57
145Oh, Listen To Me, Iris1:58
146'Go To Joan Glover And...'1:25
147Pauline, Let Go Of Me1:32
148Créme Brulée There, With...0:33
149Benjamin. Is That You, Chloe?2:32
150Now I've Received A Verbal...0:29
151Oh, Hello, Love. Is Your Mum In?1:42
152I've Heard Of A Shotgun...1:28
153Have Another Sherry, Iris1:56
154Thin, Thin, Thin, Thin, Thin1:09
155How Are You Feeling, Mike?1:36
157The Great Sound Of Lena...0:59
158Yes, Son, Can I Help You?1:10
159I Don't Understand It1:22
160Close Your Eyes, Edward0:55
161Sorry, Ladies, I'm Cleaned Out1:14
162He's Through Here, Veterinary1:47
163Okey-Cokey Pig-In-A-Pokey!2:44
164You Have Been Listening To...0:29
165My Weight Is Seventeen Stone1:28
166Thank You, Thank You Very...2:59
167Hello, Babs' Cabs0:57
168Is It Safe? I Think So0:43
169And They Crop Up On...2:22
170Quiet, David, We're Trying...1:19
171Hello, Tony!2:57
172Val! You Will Not Believe...0:54
173Okey-Cokey, Pig-In-A-Pokey!3:31
174Okey-Cokey, Pig-In-A-Pokey!2:47
175I'm Playing For Money?1:45
176Hello. Oh, Hello, Mrs Leverton1:10
177Hello, Hello, What's Going On?2:22
178Because That Really Puts...3:31
179You Have Been Listening To...0:57
180Good Girl, Heinz, Well Done1:09
181Ask Yourselves This3:24
182Now, Went Quite Well1:00
183Iris? Oh, Hello, Mrs Levington1:17
184She Says, 'I Can't Buy That...'1:35
185What's The Point Of Giving...1:29
186It's A Quarter Past2:43
187Ah, Justin! You Are Just In Time4:22
188Missed Your Train, Mate?1:39
189Okey-Cokey, Pig-In-A-Pokey!2:13


CategoryArtistTitle (Format)LabelCategoryCountryYear
ISBN 0-563-55739-7, ISBN 0563 557397The League Of Gentlemen On The Town With ‎(2xCass)BBC, BBCISBN 0-563-55739-7, ISBN 0563 557397UK1999
DEMREC424The League Of Gentlemen On The Town With The League Of Gentlemen ‎(3xLP, Album)Demon RecordsDEMREC424UK2019
ISBN 0-563-53680-2The League Of Gentlemen On The Town With ‎(3xCD, Album)BBC Radio CollectionISBN 0-563-53680-2UK2002
DEMREC328The League Of Gentlemen On The Town With The League Of Gentlemen ‎(LP + 3xLP, Cle)Demon RecordsDEMREC328UK2019
ISBN 0-563-53680-2The League Of Gentlemen The Collection ‎(3xCD)BBCISBN 0-563-53680-2Australia2002


  • Compiled By, Producer [For Audio]Jonathan James-Moore (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34)
  • Directed By [Original TV Episodes]Steve Bendelack (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34)
  • IntervieweeJeremy Dyson (tracks: 4-1 to 4-9), Mark Gatiss (tracks: 4-1 to 4-9), Reece Shearsmith (tracks: 4-1 to 4-9), Steve Pemberton (tracks: 4-1 to 4-9)
  • Interviewer, PresenterPaul Jackson (tracks: 4-1 to 4-9)
  • PerformerBlake Ritson (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Brett Wilson (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Chris Freeney (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Edward Wiseman (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Frances Cox (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Gerald Stadden (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Helen Lambert (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Jeillo Edwards (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Jennifer Lim (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), John R. Thompson (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Johnny Leeze (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Jon Key (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Judith Vause (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Martin Crocker (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Martina McClements (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Megan de Wolf (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Niall Ross Hogan (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Paul Popplewell (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Rosy de Wolf (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Roy 'Chubby' Brown (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Rusty Goffe (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Sian Foulkes (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34), Ted Robbins (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34)
  • Performer, Written-ByMark Gatiss (tracks: 1-1 to 3-34, 5-1 to 6-34), Reece Shearsmith (tracks: 1-1 to 3-34, 5-1 to 6-34), Steve Pemberton (tracks: 1-1 to 3-34, 5-1 to 6-34)
  • ProducerMario Stylianides (tracks: 4-1 to 4-9), Sarah Smith (tracks: 1-1 to 3-34)
  • Producer [Original TV Episodes]Jemma Rodgers (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34)
  • Remastered By [Technical]Karl Phillips (tracks: 5-1 to 6-34)
  • Written-ByJeremy Dyson (tracks: 1-1 to 3-34, 5-1 to 6-34)


Notes from cardboard sleeve:

"Contains the original BBC Radio 4 series 'On The Town With The League Of Gentlemen', plus a compilation of highlights from the second BBC TV series 'The League Of Gentlemen'.

Plus bonus interview disc: 'In Conversation With... The League Of Gentlemen'

Runnning time: 5 hours 25 minutes on 6 CDs"

'On The Town With The League Of Gentlemen' first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 6 November 1997
'In Conversation With... The League Of Gentlemen' first broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 7 March 2002
'The League Of Gentlemen' first broadcast on BBC1, 11 January 1999

Recorded at Broadcasting House London W1


  • Barcode: 9 780563 495758
  • Rights Society: MCPS
  • Mastering SID Code (All Discs): IFPI LP76
  • Matrix / Runout (CD1): BBC 0563536802
  • Matrix / Runout (CD2): 0563536802CD2
  • Matrix / Runout (CD3): 0563536802CD3
  • Matrix / Runout (CD4): BBC 0563495758
  • Matrix / Runout (CD5): BBC 0563528427
  • Matrix / Runout (CD6): BBC 0563528427-2


  • Phonographic Copyright (p) – BBC Audiobooks Ltd
  • Copyright (c) – BBC Audiobooks Ltd
  • Recorded At – Broadcasting House, London
  • Pressed By – DOCdata UK