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Nurse With Wound - Flawed Existence Download

Nurse With Wound - Flawed Existence Download
Flawed Existence
Nurse With Wound
Abstract, Noise, Experimental
06 Oct 2009
VOD66, VOD66.1, VOD66.2, VOD66.3, VOD66.4, VOD66.5,
MP3 album size:
2571 mb
FLAC album size:
1234 mb


2Charlie Hosts A Pork-Pie Parasite2:57
3Let's Go Johnny31:35
4 10" Destroyed Piano I & II (VOD66.5)
5Cottonwood Hill2:31
6Diana Of The Moon5:17
7Automating (Again) Edit9:15
8Our Passions Are Inclined2:54
9Chair Improvisation No. 43:43
10 Tape Compilation Tracks (VOD66.3)
11It Just Ain't So / In Heaven3:24
12Fashioned To A Device Behind A Tree7:42
13Nylon Coverin' Body Smotherin'11:32
14Alas The Madonna Functions3:37
15Sinan Sings For Her Chums1:42
16A Snake In Your Abdomen6:40
17I Was No Longer His Dominant9:04
18Mystery Track No. 28:35
19 Mi-Mort (VOD66.1 B)
20Ritva Sings For The World2:55
21Call Me Bunny2:44
22Summertime Belongs To Me5:19
23Zappo-Leon VII5:44
24Smooching With The Sacred Cow Of Om5:43
25Automating (Some More)2:36
26 Live N.L. Centrum - Amsterdam, 8.12.1984 (VOD66.4 A)
27Someone Others Auquarium4:21
28Dream Of A Butterfly Inside A Skull Of A Horse1:06
29Well What D'Ya Know Henry?5:54
30Destroyed Piano II18:12
31Destroyed Piano I18:14
32The Right To Kiss1:53
34A Token Sylvie And Babs Ditty Chicken In Drag1:45
35Yoko's Anniversary2:28
36 Nylon Coverin' Body Smotherin' (VOD66.2)
37 Gyllensköld, Geierstam & Friends "Live At Bar Maldoror", 1984 (VOD66.4 B)
38The Strange Life Of August Strindberg2:22
39 Scrag (VOD66.1 A)
40Scissor Rock Bicycle Revelation2:38
41Pleasant Banjo Intro With Irritating Squeak0:44
42Someone Others Garden7:36
43Ooh Baby (Coo Coo)6:29
44 Soundcard (
45Big Muff And Hawtrey0:55
46Tickling That Great Pudarkus In The Sky16:22
47Glory Hole6:40
48It's All Gone Weird / Nasal Hair4:26


Limited edition of 600 copies.
Comes with a numbered official certificate (2-sided, one side black with golden printed text "certificate to the nurse with wound release on vod-records (vod66)" and personal number (__/600), the other side in red velvet with black printing, and golden printed text "official certificate - nurse with wound - flawed existence".

The first two vinyls (VOD66.1 and VOD66.2) are housed inside a gatefold sleeve, with red velvet on the outside and black printing, each including a one-sided, red coloured insert with golden printed letters in fractal "nurse with wound" and black printed text with track title informations.

The other vinyls (VOD66.3, VOD66.4) have the same sleeve design, artwork and material, but are inside single 12" / 10" (VOD66.5) sleeves.

The Soundcard has the same sleeve design, artwork and material, measuring 10 inch x 7 inch. When opened, it plays a noise sound.

The T-Shirt has the same design, artwork, is 100% cotton, red coloured with black printing and golden, glimmering print "nurse with wound" in fractal letters.

A 24x12" embossed poster with similar artwork.

All is housed in a red velvet cushion/pillow case with black printing, measuring 16x16 inch.

"VOD66: Nurse With Wound "Flamed Existence" 4Lp-Box / 10" / SoundChip / T-Shirt

Almost 5 hours of sheer insanity by the ingenious music-alchemist Steven Stapleton and his project Nurse With Wound which has been active now for 30 years. Box contains early Nurse With Wound-Material produced from 1982-85! Two hours of their official tape-releases Scrag, Nylon Coverin and Mi Mort, more than one hour of compilation-tracks only released on tape-compilations and not available as Vinyl and more than one hour of their first 2 live performances in 1984 plus a 37 minute 10" with unreleased material from 1983 plus a one exclusive NWW Track on a Soundchip/Greetingcard. All in incredible packaging with T-Shirt.

Track informations:
A1 - A10 released as C30 tape on united dairies, uk, 1987
B1-B4 released as C60 split-tape with current 93 on mi-mort (mi-mort3), uk, 1983
C1-3, D1-2 released as C60 split-tape with current 93 on mi-mort (mi-mort4), uk, 1984
E1 from v/a cadavres exquis (chimik communications) :cc01: 1984
E2 from peyrere tape :pey86: 1986
E3 from v/a cadavres exquis (chimik communications) :cc01: 1984
E4 from zamizdat trade journal vol. 4 1985
E5 from zamizdat trade journal vol. 4 1985
E6 from v/a vita nova international (vita nova) :vn003: 1985
E7 from v/a european square vol. 1 (bande blanche) :bb006: 1986
E8 from v/a rising from the red sand vol. 2 (third mind) :tmt05: 1983
F1 from v/a bethel tape 1983
F2 from v/a evergreens compilation vol. 3 (central tapes) 1984
F3 from v/a directions 2 (direction music) :dmc02: 1989
F4 from v/a perfected perversions (inner x-musick) :xxx17: 1984
F5 from v/a the hunt 1 (artaman) :artaman23: 1984
F6 from v/a osculum infame (m.t.t. records) :m.t.t. xxiii: 1984
F7 from united dairies 1979 - 1987 tape box (united dairies)
G1 released on staalplaat (st00f) but immediately withdrawn after release, 1986
H1-H2 originally released as 12" on mi-mort records (mi-mort3) with hand-stamped cover, 1985
I1-J1 unreleased tracks from 1983 found in the stapleton archive
K1 unreleased track

"flawed existence
all these tracks date from the early to mid eighties, at that time we were in the midst of the d.i.y cassette revolution. during that period everybody and their dog were compiling "international" tape compilations which, if you were luckily and took part in one of these endeavours may have gone on to sell 20 copies and you, for your trouble would receive a copy. well, in the eighties i didn't get out too much so i contributed to 15 or 20 of these international compilations, mostly i supplied a mix of whatever it was that i was working on at the time. thinking these pieces were destined to oblivion... until frank maier came along. other material here included some rather dodgy live events that i suppose at best could be thought as of slight historical value. more interesting is "destroyed piano" from 1983 recorded at i.p.s. studio, london just after completing "homotopy to marie". i always liked these but until now they never found a home. most flawed existence was remastered from cassette.
i would like to thank matt waldron for all his painstaking work in bringing the sound quality up to frank maier for his endless enthusiasm.
steve stapleton, coloorta, july 2009"